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Besides the unlimited number of awards for seven medal levels, the following special awards are available:

All Muti-Frame Exhibits

  •  SESCAL Grand Award (provided by the International Society for Japaneses Philately).
  • SESCAL George Bennett Memorial Reserve Grand Award,

All Single Frame Exhibits

  • Single Frame Grand Award (provided by the International Society for Japanese Philately).
  • Single Frame Reserve Grand Award.

Special Awards

  • American Philatelic Society Medals of Excellence: Pre 1900, 1900-1940, 1940-1980, Post 1980.
  • American Philatelic Society Research Medal.
  • American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Gold Award of Honor (2); Creativity Award;  Novice Certificate; Award of Excellence-Treatment; and Jean Benninghoff Encouragement Award.
  • American Topical Association: First Award; Second Award; Third Award.
  • American Topical Association: One Frame Award.
  • American Topical Association: Youth Award.
  • American Revenue Association Best Revenue Exhibit Award
  • American Philatelic Congress Award
  • Armenian Philatelic Association Award
  • British North America Philatelic Society Best BNA Exhibit Award
  • British North America Philatelic Society Best BNA Research Award
  • International Society of World Wide Stamp Collectors-Youth Merit Award  

  • “It’s Not Just Stamps”.
  • Postal History Society Medal.
  • ROSSICA Best Russian Exhibit; President’s Award for Best Non-Gold Russian Exhibit.
  • SESCAL Back of the Book Award.
  • The Philatelic Foundation Award 
  • United Postal Stationery Society Single Frame Award
  • United States Stamp Society Statue of Freedom Medal
  • United States Stamp Society Statue of Freedom
  • Women Exhibitors Sterling Achievement Award.



SESCAL  2022


No SESCAL show in 2023 or in the Foreseeable Future!

The 2022 Philatelic Jury

  • Elizabeth M. Hisey, University Park, FL –  Chief Judge,
  • Patricia Stilwell Walker, University Park, FL
  • Douglas Clark, Marstons Mills, MA
  • Dr. Akthem Al-Manaseer, San Jose, CA
  • Guy M. Purington, Columbus, OH





Feedback Session & Results

The Zoom “Feedback Session” for the Philatelic Exhibitors was held on Sunday, October 30, at 12 noon Pacific time.  Invitations with a Zoom link were sent to each exhibitor.  The judges results were posted on this page late Friday the 28th.

2022 Palmares

Single-Frame Exhibits


Updated October 20, 2022